Lean back. Watch Facebook like TV.

Facetu.be shows you only the YouTube videos from any publicly accessible Facebook page or group. They are played as a playlist so you can lean back and enjoy what has been posted there.

How does it work?

Take the username (or number) of your favorite Facebook page or group and add it to the Facetu.be URL.


http://facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_117875594943051 → http://facetu.be/117875594943051
http://facebook.com/pages/Music/11078588589 → http://facetu.be/11078588589
http://facebook.com/barackobama → http://facetu.be/barackobama

Does it work with my page/group/profile?

If it's public, it should.

I have an idea/comment/problem.

If you have a comment or experience problems, please leave a message in the forum on the Facetu.be Facebook page.